Dale Seymour's Sculptures
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Margo and I live in Los Altos, CA in a house designed

by Bart Prince. About 15 years ago, I started designing and building sculptures for the yard. All of the sculptures are mathematical in some way.

Dale Seymour of Los Altos, CA is a former math teacher, author, speaker and publisher. Many of his math enrichment publications focused on the connection between Geometry and design.

When Seymour retired from his second educational publishing company around 1990, he began
creating geometry sculptures.  He had no training in art or sculpture; just loved geometry and the challenge of making large geometric structures.
Seymour lives in Los Altos with his wife Margo, also an educator.  The website shows several views of their geometric house remodel completed in the 1980’s by Bart Prince of Albuquerque, NM. He says of his house and sculpture, “We just hoped to show some of the beauty of Geometry”.
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